About Abco Enterprises

Water Tower

Abco Enterprises has been dealing in used supermarket, convenience store, bakery and restaurant equipment for over twenty years. We have four buildings totalling over 330,000 square feet of warehouse space loaded with equipment. We try to buy low and sell low. We deal in high volume and are willing to ship to customers across the country


We travel all over the country looking for great deals to offer our customers. Abco has countless national business contacts enabling us to find the equipment needed to supply our customers. Our established business network allows us to both find and offer our customers an excellent product for a very reduced price.

Abco works directly with national supermarket, convenience store chains, restaurants and bakeries, by purchasing complete store equipment packages that are part of remodels or closings. Our crew dismantles and removes all the equipment in a professional and timely manner. This allows us to offer our customers high quality commercial equipment for remarkably low prices.


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